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  • Dr. Brianna Hynes

Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, so does the delightful anticipation of festive gatherings and joyous celebrations.

Navigating the holiday season while prioritizing your health is not only possible but can also be incredibly rewarding. In this blog post, we'll explore practical tips and mindful strategies to help you strike the perfect balance between savoring the season's delights and staying true to your well-being goals.

Let's embark on a journey to not just survive, but thrive through the holidays, ensuring that you emerge from the festivities feeling energized, nourished, and ready to embrace the new year with a renewed sense of vitality.

Here are a few of our favourite tips:

  • Supplementing with Vitamin D (we see less sun living in NL during the winter months so it's important to supplement with Vitamin D - important for immune system function, hormone balance and mood)

  • Focusing on water intake (1.5-2L/day for healthy adult)

  • Practicing self care through therapy like Chiropractic, Massage or Counselling 

  • Don't overschedule yourself. Make time for yourself to help manage stress levels (carve out time during your day to slow your breathing and restore your inner calm, this will help bring balance to your holiday season)

  • Don't abandon healthy habits. Mindfully enjoy the foods you love (stick with your routine as much as possible but give yourself grace if you fall off track, a general rule is practice 80% healthy choices 20% treats)

  • Build in movement and exercise throughout the holiday season (an ice skate, walk around the park to see the lights, getting outside and exposing yourself to sunshine is helpful during these darker days)

  • Give back to others (if you can donate your time or other resources like food to a local food bank this holiday season)

  • Journal - reflect on the year behind you and set some new health intentions for the year ahead 

Remember, the holidays are a time for joy, connection, and celebration, but they don't have to be synonymous with abandoning your well-being goals. By incorporating small, sustainable habits into your daily routine, practicing mindfulness, and indulging consciously, you've demonstrated that health and happiness can coexist.

So, here's to a holiday season well-spent—where health isn't sacrificed but enhanced. As you embark on the journey into the new year, may the choices you make today pave the way for a future filled with well-being, balance, and continued growth. Cheers to a healthier you and the countless possibilities that lie ahead!

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